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       Rifle & Pistol FAQs Clay Field FAQs

What is minimum age requirement to shoot at Blackwood?
At Blackwood Gun Club, we believe in a parent's right to determine their child's age for learning about guns and proper gun safety. While we do not have a minimum age restriction, anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES.

What is the maximum distance of the rifle range?
Our rifle range currently has a maximum distance of 200yds. We do have plans to extend the range to 500yds in the near future. If you are interested in receiving updates regarding this project and more, sign up for our newsletter -Here-

What are the different target distances I can shoot?
We have fences to place targets at 25, 50, 100 & 200yds. For pistol shooters, we have movable target frames that can positioned anywhere from 3 to 25yds.

Is the range indoor or outdoor?
Here at Blackwood Gun Club, all of our shooting facilities are outdoor ranges.

How often does the Range Officer call cease fires?
The average time between cease fires is 20 minutes. During cease fires, shooters are permitted to go down range to check their targets or place them. NO ONE is allowed to approach the firing line or handle a weapon during cease fires.

What types/calibers of ammunition can I shoot at Blackwood?
The only ammunition we will not allow is tracer or incendiary rounds. Steel and aluminum cased ammunition is accepted. In terms of caliber, any caliber smaller than 50BMG is accepted.

Can I shoot my shotgun on the rifle range?
Shotguns are welcome only if you are using slug ammunition or 71/2 shot or smaller. No buckshot is allowed.

Can I practice drawing and firing / rapid fire my weapon?
No. For safety reasons, we do not allow rapid fire or the drawing of weapons.

Can I shoot my silenced weapons at Blackwood?
Yes! As long as you bring all of the required stamps/paperwork with you, we allow silenced weapons.

Can I shoot my fully automatic/select fire weapons at Blackwood?
Blackwood does not allow rapid fire on the range. If you have the required permits and "select" single fire, you would be permitted to fire the weapon.

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