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5 Stand (Mini Sporting Clays)

For those who are lacking the time required (or even money) for a full round of sporting clays, there is 5 Stand. A fast paced and action packed shooting sport, 5 Stand is sometimes referred to as mini sporting clays. Unlike Skeet and Trap, 5 Stand has a wide variety of targets thrown. With between 6 and 8 throwers, you will see everything from sliding, crossing & falling patterns of clays.

There are five shooting stands (hence the name) placed around the field. Each shooter will start in a separate stand and after each round, move to the next stand until each station has been shot. Each shooter will see 25 clays and the person who breaks the most, wins!

Range Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Please call us at 936-441-4040 for availability.

Range Pricing:
Round of 5 Stand: $12.50 (25 clays)

There are several clay shooting games set up for shooters at the Blackwood Gun Club Clay Range. People generally shoot clays for fun, to get ready for bird hunting or for competition and also as a networking or teambuilding activity. Clay shooting is a fast growing hobby among every age & gender and can be enjoyed by beginners alongside the expert shooter, which is great for family, business associates and friends, young and old.

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