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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackwood Shooting Academy?
Blackwood Shooting Academy (BSA) is a shooting organization established to help shooters move their shooting beyond stationary targets. The goal of BSA is to help shooters develop their defensive shooting skills by offering them the opportunity to shoot in a dynamic environment, engage multiple targets, shoot on the move, draw from the holster and shooting moving targets.

What kind of training does Blackwood Shooting Academy offer?
BSA offers skill development classes every month for shooters to attend. Each class will focus on one particular defensive handgun skill and present shooters with the basic knowledge they need to understand the skill, practice it and learn how to practice it in the future. We will also offer classes on defensive rifle and shotgun classes.

How much does it cost?
There's no initiation fee to join BSA or yearly dues. Class fees vary, but typically skills classes, practice sessions and matches are only $30. Class cost and related information are contained in the class calendar entry in the Academy monthly calendar.

How can I join?
Joining BSA is easy! Simply fill out an application and a liability waiver then complete the "New Student Range Safety Orientation" class. That's it. There's no initiation fee or yearly dues. You just pay for the events you attend.

As a new shooter, how can I benefit from joining Blackwood Shooting Academy?
As a new student, you will receive instruction on the basics of handling a firearm in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere. If any shooter feels they don't want to attend one of the classes, they can arrange for private instruction. Instruction for new shooters will be tailored to their needs.

How will I be kept safe?
The primary focus of everything Blackwood Shooting Academy does is to protect the safety of participants. Instructors will focus on teaching in a safe environment where all safety rules are strictly adhered to. Safe behavior by participants is expected and failure of a student to follow safety rules will result in correction. Repeated unsafe behavior could lead to removal from the Academy.

Is this "Tactical" Training?
To the extent that you will learn how to run a firearm to defend yourself, you will learn some "tactical" skills. Blackwood Shooting Academy, however, is here to serve civilian shooters who want to develop their skills in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. All our instructors will focus on the skills a civilian may need to defend themselves if all else fails.

What classes does BSA offer?
We currently have 18 classes divided into three categories: handgun, carbine, and shotgun. All of the classes teach safe gun handling, marksmanship, and the skills necessary to use the firearm in a dynamic environment. See the "Programs" page for course descriptions.

Will I be allowed to practice?
All students will be provided with opportunities to practice either through coached practices, or scheduled practice sessions. You can also set up private lessons, and training sessions with Academy instructors. For safety reasons we CANNOT allow students to practice unsupervised.

What if I want to start competing?
BSA has classes to introduce you to IDPA, USPSA, LSSA, and ICORE style competition. Many of our instructors and students compete in these associations so they can help get you started.

What other events does BSA put on?
In addition to the classes, we typically hold three shooting matches each month:
1. LSSA Three Gun Match (handgun/carbine/shotgun)
2. ICORE revolver only match.
3. BSA DPS handgun only scenario shooting match
We periodically put on other "special" shoots throughout the year.

What is planned for the future?
As the Academy grows, we will expand into other areas. We are expanding our facilities and looking into practice, training, and competition opportunities that will continue to challenge students, and allow their skills to continue to improve. We do not want our students to get bored.

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